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Concrete Foundation Slabs

Foundation slabs are nested on top of the soil and are used as a solid ground plate to support a larger and heavier building structure. The housing or building structure is placed directly on the foundation floor with no room left in between. Generally, the thickness of the foundation slabs varies from 4-6 inches in the Centre. The thickness allows 50% more weight capacity and promoted adequate support. We provide foundation slabs and full basement foundations that extend eight feet below ground level. Let us guide you with the correct choice of foundation required.

What is Foundation Slabs?
Foundation slabs are solid concrete slabs that are formed above the ground level, with no crawlspaces between the structure’s foundation and floor. Concrete foundation slabs will be constructed on graded land. This will allow for a stable and strong base. Foundation concrete slabs are made from simple materials which are; cement, sand, gravel air and water. If all these materials are combined, a strong and versatile product has been provided. What is great is that all the items mentioned are naturally produced by Earth that makes it environmentally sound.

What types of foundations do you find?
Full basements are constructed using a perimeter of pillars that provides support to the buildings above ground level structure. Foundations typically start from a minimum depth of eight feet below the surface of the ground.

  • Crawlspace- This space features outside concrete walls that raise the bottom of the house above the ground by about 18 inches or more. Crawlspace foundations are most ideal in drier climates.
  • Slab on grade– A slab is a thick concrete block on which a house is constructed, providing the building with the best possible support. A slab on grade foundation is a shallow foundation that is constructed directly on the ground.

Why are they important?
The strength of your property’s foundation slabs is what allows it to be built correctly and securely. Both connecting panels and walls are installed on top of the base. Without a strong foundation, your house will fall into the earth, cracking and slanting. As a result, the system may become unstable and could even collapse.

What is the difference between foundations and Slabs?
The only difference between a foundation and a slab is how the concrete is poured. The foundations are poured in their entirety at once, resulting in a smooth and full surface. The process of pouring slabs and dividing them into slab-like panels.

Benefits of foundation Slabs?
Generally speaking, foundation slabs are the least expensive choice. These foundation slabs need the least amount of maintenance and can last for up to 385-492-5621 years if installed properly by the contractors. We have the proper chemical barriers and waterproofing, which will improve the value of your foundation slab and extend its use for life. One of the advantages of using foundation layers is to reduce the chances of flooding and flooding under your structure where heavy rain is susceptible, preventing the formation of molds and pests, thereby making your property healthier and safe.