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Concrete Driveways

When choosing a concrete driveway you will be sure to choose a long-lasting solution. Concrete is a strong and versatile paving solution. It will simply add value to your property while adding adequate support for your vehicles. You won’t go wrong when you choose eco-friendly low maintenance concrete driveways.

First Phase
We following a set of adequate processes when constructing your concrete driveway. It’s important to start with proper subgrade preparations ensuring uniformity in the ground which will provide better support and finish correctly with the curing process. Allow us to share these steps with you. The selection of proper concrete mixture, the texture and colour will be your choice; we will ensure that it will be ideal for the area of coverage. Proper subgrade prep. The ground will be assessed and prepared for construction

Reinforcement is done for driveways that will be used for heavier vehicles. Rebars are placed in between the concrete providing additional support. Reinforcement is not a must for your standard home driveways. However, it will provide long-lasting benefits and it offers some crack prevention.

Second Phase
Concrete placement. This is where the concrete mixture is prepared and poured on the desired area; the thickness of the concrete slabs will be implemented at this stage. Finishing. We take particular care when finishing the concrete process, any exceed concrete is removed by a screed. We make use of a bull float and broom to smooth out the surface. An accumulation of bleeding water is monitored and cleared away.

Third phase
Joint placements or contraction joints are provisions made in the joints which will assist in the prevention of cracking. However, some settlement cracks will still be found over time. A drainage system is a very vital part of maintaining your driveway, if not correctly done it will allow for water accumulation and this over time will cause softening and damage to the concrete. The curing processes is the last but most important step, allow the concrete to cure utilizing continuous sprinkling, use of plastic sheets or wet blankets

Did you know that concrete driveways require fewer materials and resources than what is required for other methods? This means that it will be a lower upfront cost to property owners for a driveway that will last longer. Concrete driveways when executed correctly provide a smooth and flush finish. Many different stamp details, as well as colours, are available to choose from. This will provide a very unique look and appeal to your driveway. A wonderful thing about concrete is that it has a low reaction to the absorption of heat and UV radiation, Concrete remains much cooler as it does not absorb as much UV radiation as other materials. A cooler driveway surface benefits you and your family, allowing walking barefoot with ease, making it an ideal and user-friendly space for the kids on their bikes or rollerblades as well. Concrete also has an amazing weight capacity and can handle a much heavier load than most other option like asphalt, Concrete is non-flexible and is rigid, so concrete driveways are a much better paving solution in areas where heavier vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks operate.